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8:02 PM - For Squirrels - Example (Cassette, Album)

| 16.06.2019


  • Goltilar says:
    Dec 29,  · They were so successful at this, that they got people to go out and buy digital copies of music they already owned in analog formats. So, the music industry went to an all-digital format in the 's. Side note: The CD (digital) replaced the vinyl (analog) album for most applications, but nothing replaced the cassette (also analog).
  • Goltijora says:
    Dec 30,  · About a year ago, I wrote about For Squirrels and “ PM.” Before the album came out, half the band was killed in a van accident. The other half recovered from their injuries, found a new bassist, Andy Lord and toured as For Squirrels for a time and then began work on a new record.
  • Kigal says:
    PM [vinygee Live Streams] (**) PM lunch time tuesday here its gotta be 5 somewhere. lets grab a wine laugh out loud PM [Iron Fire Horse] (*) Cheers @Icetecker.
  • Dajora says:
    Best Arabic Album In The World Ever!, Various Artists From Hank, Bruce, Rigby PM Plus Starters - Individual Student Edition Magenta (Level 1) I Am Running, High Five - Cassette .
  • Kagagar says:
    Outdoor vs. PA Speakers () Posted by Chris on , () I have a large property and I would like to mount two outdoor speakers on my .
  • Masho says:
    Oct 31,  · October Archives «September James and I spent the morning at High Park and had a great time, but the High Park squirrels scare the crap out of me. Unlike squirrels in the rest of the world, High Park squirrels have no fear. Michael Jackson: Thriller - At some point in the early 80s I owned this album on cassette. At some.
  • Kazrataur says:
    Graphic designer Vaughan Oliver has passed at And honestly, I'd never heard his name before. Turns out, he was a titan of 80's and 90's album design: "His most famous 4AD designs include Doolittle and Surfer Rosa by Pixies, Treasure by Cocteau Twins and The Drift by Scott Walker; he also designed album covers for artists outside the label, such as Bush’s US No 1 album Razorblade.
  • Shaktir says:
    For Squirrels was a power-punk/grunge band from Florida. Their sole commercial album, Example, was a testament to their effort and their love of music for its own sake, but their sense of fun really shines through too. "We always said we'd play music for squirrels." - singer Jack Vigliatura, describing the origin of the band's name. The four members of For Squirrels, Jack Vigliatura, Bill.
  • Gogis says:
    “ PM,” “Under Smithville,” “Disenchanted” and “Superstar” are all great. “Stark Pretty” on the other hand is AMAZING! I could listen to this song on repeat for hours. Example was in constant rotation in my Discman for a while throughout the last two years of high school, then I just kind of forgot about it. .

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